Amsterdam Fetish Pride 2014

1bAfter last year’s first-time event, we’re excited to announce the 2nd annual Amsterdam Fetish Pride 2014!

‘Fetish’ means leather, rubber and beyond. Army, uniform, neoprene, sportswear… our mission is to expand the scene and make it more accessible to everyone.

Some special highlights this year will be Playgrounds, HardOn, Mister Leather Amsterdam, Fetish Blue, After Parties, Rubber Only Party, Fetish Flea Market, Ladz and so much more.



Our local bars, shops, clubs and restaurants are joining forces to guarantee you an event like no other.

We invite you to come out and play. And live out your wildest fantasies with us in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam Fetish Pride organization & sponsors

Countdown Amsterdam Fetish Pride 2014

Amsterdam Fetish Pride (c) 2014, by The Eagle Bar B.V. Amsterdam - The Netherlands